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Chasseur La Cuisson Ramekin Set 2 Duck Blue

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Chasseur La Cuisson Ramekin Set 2 Duck Blue
Complement your cast iron cookware with the oven-to-tabletop two-piece Chasseur La Cuisson Ramekin Set. The high-quality stoneware ramekins are versatile and bring a French flair to your kitchen and table. Each piece is individually hand-crafted, coated with durable enamel, and finished with eye-catching colours and an embossed logo decor.
Key Features:
  • Set includes two ramekins made of high-quality stoneware with enamel coating
  • Individually hand-crafted and designed to last
  • Versatile ceramic ideal for baking, storing, and serving
  • Perfect for your mise en place, dips and condiments, or single-serve pasta bakes, pies, or desserts
  • Vibrant colour and glossy finish with embossed decor add beauty on the table
  • Comes in other attractive colours to suit your taste or match your kitchen